Telelink to support the First Digital Data Hackaton

Telelink is supporting and will participate in the first ONLINE #Datathon2018 – a 48-hours challenge for all data passionates, willing to experiment with new types of data and expand their network of connections in the field globally.
The #Datathon2018 is one of the initiatives of Data Science Society, happening for the third time between 9th to 11th of February, this time fully digital starting from 9th of Feb!
The participants will have the chance to work on real- world cases of top companies such as Telelink, Telenor, Kaufland, VMWare, Receipt Bank, SAP, Ontotext, ZenCodeo, and А Data Pro, while working and communicating on a DSS platform, supported by the services of the best cloud providers – IBM, Microsoft and Amazon.
NLP, Computer Vision and AI
At the #Datathon2018 are expected many data passionates coming from a variety of backgrounds and interests. Academics and practitioners will have the chance to bring their knowledge in action in three categories of cases – NLP, Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision. Go out of the theory and see the data from a different perspective while collaborating in a team of like-minded people and learning to deal with unexpected issues regarding the real-world data.
The Mentors
All data scientists, mathematicians, data analytics experts, software engineers and data enthusiasts will have the chance to dive deep in the data and be mentored by internationally renowned experts.
The registration is closing on 5th of February. Gear your team and challenge the others!