Telelink presents new corporate identity

Telelink announced today a new corporate identity that reflects the repositioning of the company by a system integrator into a service provider and digital transformation enabler.
The corporate identity change has been developed for all brand communication channels – from a web site to all kind of advertising, PR and communication materials. The new website is qualitatively different from the previous one, with improved content and vision, faster and intuitive access to the corporate portfolio, faster connection and interaction with customers and partners.

“To help our clients to transform themselves digitally, we first started the transformation within our company, changing our own philosophy about the market, customers and ourselves in the spirit of the digital era. Transformation is a process and we started it with a new visual identity, which corresponds to the new Telelink brand – determined, responsible, but also a human one”, said Lyubomir Minchev, Owner&CEO.

The new logo is an evolution of the previous one, preserving the old colors and sign, but at a new – modern and digital level. The new sign in the logo is inspired by the Mobius Strip – the unbounded and endless tape, with three-dimensional effect added to convey the multi-layered nature of the technology business and to visually refer to the idea of digital.

The new company line is clear, transparent, with few but accurate words and graphics. It unates high technology and humanity, for even the highest technology would be meaningless if it is not in the name of man and the core human values.