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Telelink is the only Bulgarian company to join the Cybersecurity Tech Accord, public commitment among more than 60 global companies to protect and empower civilians online and to improve the security, stability and resilience of cyberspace. Our commitment expands further since the Cybersecurity Tech Accord announced yesterday a new partnership with the Global Forum on Cyber Expertise (GFCE), a global multi-stakeholder platform that aims to strengthen cyber capacity building and expertise through the exchange of best practices, while upholding the values of an Internet that is free, open and secure.

17 new companies have signed the Cybersecurity Tech Accord promising to protect users and customers worldwide from evolving threats, bringing the total to 61 companies united in their pledge, Aliter, Anomali, Balasys, Billennium, Cognizant, Cyber Services, Hitachi, Imperva, Integrity Partners, Panasonic, Panda, Predica, Rockwell Automation, Safetica, SecuCloud, Swisscom, and Telelink join an expanding community of like-minded companies to improve cyberspace’s resilience against malicious activities, and reaffirm as a group, their pledge to empower users, developers and customers to better protect themselves.

The new signatory companies represent countries from across the globe and span sectors from Artificial Intelligence (AI) to telecommunications and will contribute to the group’s existing and upcoming initiatives around cybersecurity capacity building, cyberthreat defense and vulnerability disclosure. As an immediate step toward greater collaboration across the industry, they will join their signatory community to help address the global cybersecurity capacity gap through joined forces with the GFCE, and participation in the webinar series.

Webinars will be freely accessible, recorded and made available once per month on the Cybersecurity Tech Accord website beginning in October. Microsoft will lead the first webinar on ‘Introduction to Cloud Computing’ followed by the expertise of signatories on various cybersecurity basics, including encryption, browser protection, ransomware, and phishing. In addition, we will also create a series of training materials for cybersecurity, which we hope will serve as useful educational resources to be accessed by any interested parties in the future.