Stara Zagora becomes a smart city thanks to an innovation project

The implementation of the second phase of the project ‘Modernization and Development of Sustainable Urban Transport in the City of Stara Zagora’ will enable more efficient, environmentally friendly integrated urban transport, alleviated traffic, reduced use of private vehicles at the expense of the use of public transport.
It envisages the following activities and objects: “Reconstruction of overpass over railway line and Slavyanski Blvd., Patriarch Evtimii Blvd. and extension of the gauge of the roadway, Construction of a system for management of the urban transport,” Introduction of automated system for charging and rehabilitation of the repair hall of a trolley depot. The Deputy Transport Minister Yordan Nikolov recalled that during the implementation of the first phase of the project, the bus and trolleybus parks in the city were completely renewed.
The contractor for the automated billing system is Telelink Business Services EAD, Sofia. The total value for execution of the contract amounts to BGN 3 437 463.00 excluding VAT for a period of 30 months. The system will facilitate the use of buses and trolleys and will improve the quality of passenger transport services.
Additionally, the introduction of such a system will eliminate ticket sales in the vehicle by service staff and help the operator to monitor revenue from tickets while preventing the gratis travel.
The expert team offers the installation of vending machines in all buses and trolleybuses, explained Stefan Malinovski, Head of Intelligent Systems Unit at Telelink. According to him, the second phase of the implementation of the urban transport modernization project in Stara Zagora will be another step towards building the modern “smart city”.
In all vehicles there will be validators for electronic cards, which will be sold at 10 seats in the city as well as in the vehicles themselves. Electronic cards will also be issued.
The contract with the “Em Tran Sis”, Sofia consortium for the construction of the Stara Zagora City Transport Management System, will be signed by the Mayor Zhivko Todorov. It includes video surveillance of 37 crossroads in the city with intelligent traffic congestion prevention system, control center building, traffic lights replacement, vehicle video surveillance, traffic management and traffic control system incorporating new traffic controllers with state-of-the-art technology , traffic detectors, traffic lights and devices, a system for giving priority to buses serving public transport. Ilian Valchev of the consortium specified that the system will have an adaptive module for agent which will collect and analyze huge base historical data including holding various city events, which will allow adaptation of modes and phases of traffic lights.
The value of the project is BGN 3 932 538.00 excluding VAT and the implementation period is 30 months.