Only 15% of the local companies comply with GDPR according to CPDP

The Personal Data Protection Commission with the partnership of Telelink, Microsoft, and IBM and the support of the American Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria organized “Personal Data Protection and Privacy. Is your organization ready?” conference on April 3 in Hilton Hotel Sofia.

With the adoption of the General Data Protection Regulation – the biggest reform of the regulation in the digital sector since 1995, the European Commission unifies the regulation of the personal data in the whole European Union.

Ventslav Karadzhov, Chairman of the Personal Data Protection Commission, said that only 15% of the Bulgarian companies comply with the Regulation which comes in force on May 25, 2018.

Petar Kirkov, Risk Management Manager, Telelink Business Services, said that „the biggest portion of the organizations does not know what kind of private data they process, where and how they store it, despite the fact that the new requirements of GDPR are part of the current Personal Data Protection Law that is in force today. Often companies collect and save data that is even not necessary for their business”, added Kirkov.

During the event representatives of the business and institutions, most affected by the GDPR, had the opportunity to receive information from the Personal Data Protection Commission of Bulgaria for the upcoming changes in the regulatory framework and tendencies in the protection of personal data and privacy. Leading experts explained where the role of the digital transformation in each business or government body is, and how an organization should be prepared either from technological or legal perspective.