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Initiative to reduce the level of functional illiteracy

30 high-school and university students participated the Telelink Learning Camp initiative on 24 and 25 of November in Sofia Tech Park. The team initiative gathered high school students last grade and students from different university majors in order to form multifunctional teams. The young people were challenged to seek a solution to reduce the level of functional illiteracy in Bulgarian schools, and six mentors from Telelink team supported them in the process helping to find out the most effective solutions.

The event format was based on JA Europe’s Innovation Camp model and focuses on functional illiteracy, a problem affecting many young people in school age in our country. This is the inability of students to find, understand, transform, present information and find solution of existing problems.

The Ministry of Education and Science was an institutional partner of the initiative and the Deputy Minister of Education Tanya Mihaylova joined the jury, which evaluated the ideas.

Implementing of theoretical-practical model of learning with a focus on continuity and mobile learning platforms based on existing technologies will help in resolving the lower rates of functional literacy among the Bulgarian students.

Pilot implementation of the winning ideas will be applied in one school of the Junior Achievement Network after the project of the two winning teams is finalized.

„What you are doing during these two days is really quite an example – your energy, the desire, the passion you worked with. Education is a national cause, and if we want to be proud of as a society, we need to inflate a maximum number of people with your enthusiasm. We would like to support ideas that have a real impact and which we can accomplish – hand in hand with the Ministry of Education and Science“ said Mr. Lubomir Minchev, founder and CEO of Telelink.