Smart public transport

“A developed country is not a place where the poor people have cars but it is where the rich people use public transport”

Mayor of Bogota

Enable public transport systems to compete with private car use

Using modern technologies in public transport leads to radical improvement of citizens’ quality of life. It improves access to markets and job opportunities, to education, to health care services, to leisure, to the things citizens need in everyday life, while at the same time it increases ticket revenues and optimizes operational costs for public transport operators.
Telelink develops open standard and fully interoperable solutions, leading the way in the evolution path towards Smart Public Transport, enabling to build a unified platform serving multiple urban services at once, with no need to move away from any of the existing infrastructures, hardware, or applications (ticket vending machines, ticket validators, on-board computers and cameras, sensors, real time passenger information systems, data analysis applications, etc.).
Our offering is made with the medium city in mind. We believe we can change the perception of citizen by leapfrogging the complicated media based ticketing systems.


  • Automated Vehicle Location (AVL)
  • Real Time Passenger Information (RTPI)
  • Automated Fare Collection (AFC)