Application aware networking that accounts for speed, reliability and agility

Network architectures that are open, programmable, and integrated into their compute, storage and cloud technology stacks

We can help you build modern and robust networking solution for your data center no matter the size and complexity

Networking is not only about speed anymore. Reliability, micro-segmentation, automation, zero delays, geographical span and cloud integrations are core indicators for a successful data center. We build solutions that lay the ground for high-speed, zero downtime application infrastructures as well as end-to-end automation and security, seamless integration with existing infrastructures and cloud environments.

Expertise areas

  • Large scale data center networks
  • Hybrid data center solutions
  • Cloud provider data center solutions
  • Automation and orchestration
  • Integrated data center security and visibility
  • Software Defined Networking (SDN)

Partnering with

Why us

  • Experience gained during designing and building one of the most sophisticated data centers in the region
  • Team of 40+ highly skilled network engineers
  • Unique culture to look at any solution from a balanced point of view – infrastructure, business needs, application specifics
  • Diverse knowledge of vendors and solutions landscape