Complete data center solutions

With our broad expertise we can go all the way – from physical construction to cybersecurity

Whatever task you have related to data centers, we can handle it

We can design and physically build your data center, we can take care of everything related to HVAC, power, cabling, physical security, and building automation. Once you have the site we can design and build a comprehensive and robust data center platform up to the application and its cybersecurity. On top, we can support the whole solution with a lot of flexibility. Along with delivering an end-to-end solution, we are able to handle projects of any size, at any phase of development, fitting any of your needs.

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Automation and Orchestration

Boost speed and accuracy in your data center operations

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Business Continuity

Availability is never enough, continuity is a business necessity.

51304548 - disk storage drives form factor 2.5-inch disk storage drive form factor of 3.5 inches in a single server rack

Computing and Storage

Foundation to business oriented application infrastructure

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Design and construction

Meet the challenges of our ever-changing world.


Power, Emergency, Security & Environment

Running all of your IT within your own walls