Prof. Severino Meregalli, Scientific Director of DEVO Labs: There is no ‘big data’!

A two-day Big Data and Machine Learning Master Class took place on March 23 – 24 in Sofia.

Severino Meregalli, SDA Professor of Information Systems at SDA Bocconi School of Management and Scientific Director of the DEVO Lab and Director of the MDA Academy, gave the keynote speech at the event. He shared his inspiring vision on Disruptive as Usual: New Technologies and Data Value and pointed out some important topics on which he is actively working – information systems, the distribution and pathways of adoption of IS governance tools in companies, and the impact of digital technologies.

In his presentation Meregalli stated that ‘There is no ‘big data’. We have only data which is manageable or not with state of the art technologies’ and also underlined that ‘data storage technologies evaluation is much slower than the data growth’.

More than 80 representatives from 10 companies, a few public sector entities and 3 universities were united by the love of data and state of the art technologies during the event. They shared experience on what big data, data science and machine learning can do for an individual’s competitive advantage.

The first day was designed for business people, when speakers from Data Science Society, Sciant and Qatar Computing Research Institute shared insights and specific case studies from their own research and practice. A full hall of IT professionals with an interest in getting a hands-on experience with the technology attended the second day.

The Data Science Master Class was organized by The American University in Bulgaria in partnership with SDA Bocconi and AUBG Joint Venture Program, Telelink, Opremedia and Data Science Society.