Advanced Security Operations Center (ASOC)

Enabling companies to get visibility, control, and recommendations on their security posture

Improve your security posture for a fixed and predictable monthly fee

The modern cybersecurity threat landscape is constantly evolving. New vulnerabilities and zero-day attacks are discovered every day. The old vulnerabilities still exist. The tools to exploit these vulnerabilities are applying more complex techniques. But are getting easier to use.


Mitigating modern cyber threats require solutions for continuous monitoring, correlation, and behavior analysis that are expensive and require significant amount of time to be implemented.​ Moreover, many organizations struggle to hire and retain the expensive security experts needed to operate those solutions and provide value by defending the organizations.


  • Gain visibility on the security posture of all your company’s IT infrastructure
  • Analysis of up to 2 GB/day log data
  • Optional emergency response team (ERT) and user and endpoint behavior analytics (UEBA)
Get visibility on the cyber threats targeting your company!


  • Gain visibility on your company’s security posture and recommendations on how to deal with security threats, risks, and actors
  • Analysis of up to 5 GB/day log data and 100 GB/day network data
  • Optional ERT and UEBA
Start to mitigate cyber threats and minimize the risk!


  • Gain complete visibility, deep analysis, recommendations, and security awareness trainings for your employees
  • Analysis of up to 10 GB/day log data and 200 GB/day network data
  • Included ERT and optional UEBA
Get visibility on the cyber threats targeting your company!
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What’s included?

  • Infrastructure Security Monitoring – the essential minimum to cybersecurity and to detect anomalies is to monitor your infrastructure 24x7x365
  • Vulnerability Management – get visibility on the risks new or old vulnerabilities are posing to your IT infrastructure and get recommendations on how to reduce or mitigate those risks
  • Attack Detection – get data from state of the art cybersecurity tools, detect attacks and breaches, and involve our ASOC Analytics Team to perform human triage and threat hunting to precisely define the risks of the attack
  • Reports and Recommendations – get detailed tailored reports with structured recommendations on how to prevent malicious activities (attacks) and take preventive measures
  • Advanced Attack Analysis – get information on the attack vector, the attack surface, potential threat actors, and their objectives and motives for the attack
  • Forensic Analysis – in case of severe cybercrimes the ASOC team can perform forensic analysis and/or support the authorities
  • Bulletins, Training and Awareness – be timely informed on critical vulnerabilities with tailored and emerging threats bulletins and security awareness trainings to stop people being the weakest link

Why ASOC by Telelink?

The Advanced Security Operations Center (ASOC) by Telelink allows organizations get visibility, control, and recommendations on improving their security posture for a fixed and predictable monthly fee.

  • Delivered as a service, which guarantees fast implementation, clear responsibility in the Supplier and ability to cancel the contract on a monthly basis.
  • Built utilizing state of the art leading vendor’s solutions.
  • Can be sized to fit small, medium and large business needs.
  • No investment in infrastructure, team, trainings or required technology.
  • Flexible packages and add-ons that allow pay what you need approach.
  • Provided at a fractions of the cost of operating your own SOC.

Why Telelink?

  • Team of highly skilled, certified cybersecurity engineers with experience in attack detection and mitigation
  • Great number of completed projects complying with various security requirements and regulations
  • 10+ years of experience providing as a service models under strict SLAs and reporting responsibilities
  • Holistic approach on cybersecurity – legal, processes, gaps, recommendations, implementation, auditing (ASOC, DPOaaS)